“Insights provide essential wisdom and reveal actions you can take to better business. However, these insights cannot be obtained without analytics, and analytics are useless without data.”

Chris Johnston

Welcome to the analytics world!

Marketing Insights Team

The intersection between marketing and data is where we do what we do best. We supply the entire Marketing Team with data firepower, impactful insights in all of their cross-channel activities, and ultimately, help the team help air passengers. 

Our journey will ultimately lead us to define and execute our marketing technology roadmap to advance and support AirHelp’s Marketing Team even more when it comes to tracking, measurement, attribution, optimization, and automation.

Business Insight Team

The Business Insight Team cares about the harmonization between customer experience and business performance. We are focused on operational and process efficiency, optimization, and automatization. We uncover trends, prepare forecasts and estimations. The Business Insight Team is also responsible for increasing profitability through the introduction of new initiatives and churn reduction.

Product Insight Team

Product analysts are members of multidisciplinary, agile squads at AirHelp - we work hand in hand with product managers, designers, and development teams. We aim to understand our users and find the best ways to provide value for them by improving our platforms and AirHelp’s services.

We work on measuring our products, verifying hypotheses, designing A/B tests, and analyzing the potential for new features and solutions. We deliver insights and provide consultations to product managers to make the most impactful business decisions.

Machine Learning & Data Modeling Team

We’re focused on implementing advanced analytical techniques in order to understand our market potential and air travelers better. We build projection models for revenue and all potential simulations to determine the best business direction. Thanks to advanced ML techniques, we’re also segmenting our customers, mining text on communication threads, and applying advanced attribution models for better marketing spends.


Data Infrastructure Team

Our team of data engineers establishes the foundation that data scientists and analysts build upon. We are responsible for building data pipelines that integrate many different applications, products, and services into a data warehouse. We manage ELT processing to make data streams efficient and clean, feed this data into a BI reporting system with self-servicing features, and continually monitor performance to ensure everything is optimized.

We are always looking for ways to automate every process within the Data Team and we're also passionate about using the latest tech in our endeavors.

The stack we work with is comprised of PostgresDB, Google Big Query, Periscope(Redshift), Jenkins and we are well-versed in Python, Pandas, and SQL.

"I changed to AirHelp looking for a place to learn, grow, and actually just be me. Finding that, paired with the chance to build a new team and create my own vision for it is something that I didn't find anywhere else. Ultimately, I think what lets people achieve amazing things here is that we all share the curiosity, drive for impact, and the humbleness when it comes to our work and being with each other."


Kristian Herger | Marketing Data



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