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Since 2013, we've helped over 13 million passengers with their flight troubles by using innovative, state-of-the-art technology.

We build code that is elegant and efficient, with a well architected framework designed to solve problems. 

We use Ruby/Rails, Python, Go, ReactJS, EmberJS, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, AWS, GoogleCloud, Docker, Kubernetes, Redshift. 

How we roll

Getting Things Done
Delivering solutions that solves a given problem in a good enough way (better get it done than getting it perfect).

Sense of Ownership
Takes responsibility for his/her work from idea to delivery and beyond.

Wants to understand how things work and why, learns continuously.

Team Play
Acts as a team member that truly cares.


In Kraków Engineering Team, we support different departments of the company. 

1. Automation process: We're in charge of expanding our bots family to help us process claims faster and more intuitively than anyone else on the market. 

2. Internal customer tools: Development and improvement of our own products used by Operations, Legal, and Finance Teams. 

3. Customer communication tools and solutions for legal: Customer communication tools with a focus on automating legal processes, decision support, and everything related to claim assessment.

4. DevOps Team: Creation of scalable infrastructure that supports over 80 AirHelps services across multiple clouds (AWS & GCP) and six regions. 


There are 3 exciting areas of engineering based in Gdańsk.

1. Testing and development: Explore new frontiers by experimenting, testing, developing, and working with new concepts and technology.

2. Claim funnel: You’ll work on optimizing the air traveler's journey and user experience in our claim funnel. This tool helps people claim for compensation easily, in just a few clicks.

3. Website: Website maintenance and development of new features.

One of the things that I love about working at AirHelp is knowing that the code that I write has an impact on people's life. 

I can see the company growing, which creates a lot of opportunities. I like the fact that I can learn new things and apply them to my everyday interactions.

I feel like I have a voice here and that people really listen to what I have to say. I can have a constructive discussion with anybody, including with upper management!

Felipe Philipp | Senior Software Engineer

I love coding and have been doing it for companies big and small -- both corporate environments and startups. I've done a bit of contracting too. While I've done lots of things, it's the Elixir programming language that keeps me up at night. Currently, I'm enjoying my time as a Senior Software Engineer at AirHelp, where I can use my skills to actually help others! At work, I put people and values over processes and my style is best described as #ownership. 

Stefan Chrobot | Senior Software Engineer

I joined AirHelp 1.5 year ago as an Office Assistant. What I enjoy the most is exploring, learning new things. In AirHelp I have an opportunity to do that. Inspired by my colleagues, I took part in mentoring program -- in the beginning of June I started working as a Software Engineer Apprentice. I love that!


Ewa Budrys | Apprentice Software Engineer 




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