Our Teams


We own bots that automate Claim Assessment. In particular:

  • Eligibility Check Service - decides if the claim or lead is eligible. Used by Cockpit, Webapp, and OTA.
  • MEGA - extracts claimant's ETKT from the airline's website
  • ADA - validates if documents provided by air travelers are correct
  • Docky - sends requests for missing documents
  • AgA - orchestrates the claim assessment automation

Tech stack: Python Main stakeholder: Operations


We work on Cockpit tool. The goal is to make Cockpit scale - both for Engineering and for Operations.

More interesting services we own:

  • Cockpit - the main tool for processing claims
  • Airspace - the source of the flight data
  • Zendesk - CRM we are trying to streamline

Tech stack: RoR (mostly) Main stakeholder: Ops, Legal


We are responsible for systems that utilize data provided by B2B partners driving around 40% of claims intake. Main areas of focus are data acquisition, lead generation and distribution, partners configuration, and incidents management.

Tech stack: Ruby, Python, Go

Echo  We create a variety of tools for the use of our agents and lawyers to handle the claims at legal stages, with a clear goal in mind - to automate as many activities as possible and simplify the work of air travelers with user experience as the main principle. 

Tech stack: Ruby (with Rails), React

Whisky Team  

We aim at making 90% of communication with airlines fully automated. We are focused on two main services at the moment: Gustav, which automates the way we submit people's claims to airlines and Betty, which matches and analyses the airline responses. 

Tech stack: Ruby (no Rails), Elixir


We are focused on automating legal processes, decision support, and practically everything related to assessing the claims from a legal perspective. We currently have three bots in our shop: Lara, Dora, and Herman.

Tech stack: Python, Ruby (including Rails)

Vertigo Team 

We are developing the AirHelp+ product to be a full feature service.

Tech stack: Ruby, JavaScript, up for testing new solutions like Hanami framework

Rio Team  

We are expanding AirHelp's services to new markets and experimenting with new business opportunities, allowing AirHelp to help an even larger number of air passengers.

Tech stack: Ruby, JavaScript, and ReactJS 

Helix Team  

Our main responsibility is to develop features that will help people get information about their claim, upload required documents, and receive their compensation payout. Our work has a direct impact on our end users, as we work with the people facing, single page application written in Ember.

Tech stack: Ember, JavaScript framework

Charlie Team  

We administer the AirHelp website. As a part of the Growth Team, we are responsible for acquisition, tacking, and localization. In general, the team is responsible for website maintenance and operations (up-time, performance).


Sparrow Team 

We optimize our claim intake funnels (direct and OTA), improve the experience of users with ineligible flights, and work on growth initiatives together with the Growth Team. 

The funnel is a place is where air passengers create a claim. The steps are:

  • Eligibility check
  • Providing flight details


Hotel Team  

Our team works on improving communication with passengers with a special focus on transactional emails (otherwise called Customer Experience emails) and the contact form (where all passenger contact and requests are channeled). We will be focusing on increasing self-service and reducing friction along the way.  

Tech stack: React, Ruby, k6, Geb

Zulu Team  

Our main focus is on finances, but it's not all about the money. We're also responsible for GDPR compliance. Our bot, MAMA, works nights to match airline payments to dedicated claims and sending them to financial settlement. Payout is our second area of interest. 

Tech stack:  Ruby, GoLang, NodeJS


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