Finance Team

Our experts use numbers, analysis and precision to directly influence and drive business results through financial objectives and actionable insights. Join our team and you’ll help develop everything from budgets and reports to audits and financial forecasts, constantly striving to ensure AirHelp’s financial integrity and profitability.

Our team

You'll most likely see us cracking complex equations in Gdańsk, where the majority of us are based. We’re also easy to spot on Slack helping other teams find the “x” to any financial question they may have. Ownership and integrity are at the core of our dedicated and challenge-seeking team.

How we work

We have AirHelp’s accounts at our fingertips and control all day-to-day transactions. When a financial report is needed or a tax return is due, we're there to make the most out of spreadsheets and receipts. And we take the lead in budget-planning and auditing, making sure we’re aligned with our KPIs and policies, and that we’re compliant with laws and regulations.

The day-to-day

As part of the department you'll have the support of your colleagues every step of the way. In team meetings or 1:1s with your manager, you can openly share your doubts, challenges or opinions without fear of judgment. We'll make sure you feel valued and respected. You'll discuss your career prospects and engage in bi-annual reviews, and we'll help you get the training you need to continue a successful career.


As an equal opportunity employer, we’re proud of people’s uniqueness and don’t tolerate prejudice against race, color, religion, national origin, sexuality, gender, physical or mental disability, or age.

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